Our Vision: Creating a Patient-Centric Care Culture

At care7, we believe that healthcare should revolve around the patient. Our mission is to empower patients and transform care by ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are prioritized.


Multimorbidity: The Greatest Challenge in the German Healthcare System


With declining primary care capacity and an increase in multimorbid patients, providing high-quality medical care for the chronically ill is becoming increasingly difficult.

Due to its complexity, multimorbidity is often compared to a labyrinth from which patients can scarcely escape. In a healthcare environment dominated by acute medicine, there is often insufficient space, time, and technical resources for the sustainable care of chronically ill patients, let alone to implement a proactive and preventive approach for this patient group.

Why care7 invests in Patients


Lack of Education

In a solidarity-based healthcare system, uninformed and unempowered patients often lead to ineffective or unnecessary treatments.


Strained Patient-Doctor Relationship

A shortage of doctors, overcrowded waiting rooms, and brief consultations hinder trustful communication and proactive care for complex cases.


High Treatment Burden

Multimorbid patients suffer from the burden of treatment within a fragmented healthcare system, leading to inconsistencies in care and increased stress.


Patient Participation and Self-Management

Active patient involvement and the promotion of self-management improve treatment outcomes and the efficiency of the healthcare system.

care7 for Patients


Shared Decision-Making

In collaboration with physicians, care7 designs a new care concept within primary healthcare, involving patients more deeply in their journey through a shared decision-making process.


Closed Ecosystem

We establish an integrated ecosystem by digitizing medical collaboration and workflow coordination through an interoperable database. This minimizes the disadvantages of our fragmented healthcare system.


Health Management

We aim to support self-management and daily coping for multimorbid patients through a modern Health Management App. With data-driven tracking, measurement, and improvement, patients receive understandable analysis and performance reports that encourage self-responsibility.


Data Management

care7 introduces innovative data management for patients in healthcare. This enables patients to manage their own data. Through data ownership and governance, care7 sets a new standard for transparency, self-determination, and data quality in healthcare.

Strengthening Primary Care


Reducing Excessive Physician Contacts

The Multimorbidity Program, E-Triage, patient coaching, and improved medical coordination have the potential to better address patient needs, distribute tasks more efficiently, close care gaps, and thus reduce physician contacts.


From Gatekeeper to Lead Manager

The Multimorbidity Management Program with digital patient steering mechanisms enables the primary care practice team to make patient tracking and monitoring more efficient. It assumes a proactive, central role as a lead manager in the care chain for multimorbidity, rather than just acting as a gatekeeper. This new role leads to a stronger focus on outcomes.


Enhanced Doctor-Patient Bond

The integration of shared decision making and a strong focus on narrative medicine strengthens the advisory role of the doctor and the patient's involvement in decision-making. Self-management promotes active dialogue and deepens the doctor-patient relationship.


Efficiency and Safety

Caring for multimorbid patients is complex and carries higher liability risks. AI agents, the Health Management App, and an improved patient database enhance treatment efficiency and follow-up. They also provide a safer assessment and selection of action options.